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sadiesayswhat's Journal

the aftertaste is gonna break my heart

24 September
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this place
this journal is my second attempt at brain dump actual journaling.It will at times be largely emo, I will ramble on about people you probably don't know. I will complain about parents you've never seen. I will wax poetic about possibly mind numbing things. On the other hand, it could be full of well written arguements and ideas.I could be talking about my favourite tv show, music or book.I could be jumping up and down with happiness. I'm a theatre grad in her early twenties, I'm a goddamn yo yo. I could be writing about any number f things. You won't know unless you're a friend.

this girl
sadie. a million and one nicknames, including mama bear, babycakes and many others. be original. twenty-two. canadian. recent university graduate. honours degree in theatre studies, yeah I don't know what that means either. living at home again:did you know that automatically makes you sixteen again? I didn't. trying not to go insane. weekend writer, rp-er. novice photographer. crazy person but honestly generally very nice. I only bite close friends and only when drunk. promise.

things I love
joss whedon ANYTHING- buffy, angel, firefly, dollhouse, dr horrible,various comics, ANYTHING. marvel comics, tooo many movies to name, a cornocopia of musical styles, though I'm not too in to country.tv shows I watch regularly(including some new ones):big bang, himym, vampire diaries,supernatural, grey's anatomy,covert affairs,dr who,the cape,glee, fringe, and other randoms from time to time.always interested in new books, movies and music. theatre of all kinds is my love, I've done mostly technical, behind the scenes work but I've been known to get up on stage from time to time.

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